Vienna FES Workshop

since 1983

15th Vienna International Workshop on Functional Electrical Stimulation


For the organization of the FES-Workshop, we stick to our tradition of avoiding parallel sessions.

Pre-Conference Courses:

Date: 27.9.2022

Time: 09:00 – 16:30 (with coffee breaks and lunch)

Location: UMIT Tyrol / The Tyrolian Private University
ca. 30mins by public transportation
Travel information at the BMT2022 page (click)

Back to Congress Innsbruck for the Welcome Reception: 

There will be an organized transport from the UMIT Tirol directly to the

Program / Morning:

  • Theoretical part
  • Introduction to the Hands-on part

Program / Afternoon:

  • All Hands-on stations are in the same room, you can switch any time according to your interest


Parameter and Electrodes, Basic Considerations

How to select stimulators, electrodes and parameters for different applications; interaction with physiological structures, possibilities and limitations; safety issues.

FES – Cycling

Cycling is an extremely attractive sporting activity for people with varying levels of fitness – but unfortunately not for everyone. Individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) suffer from reduced mobility and associated comorbidities. By means of functional electrical stimulation (FES), it is possible to artificially induce muscle contractions which can be used to propel an instrumented tricycle.
We will talk about the basic principles of FES-Cycling, highlight its history which dates to 1983, and give an overview of recent developments in the field. After a theoretical introduction, we will offer a practical demonstration of our own FES-Cycling system to be tested by volunteering participants.


Noninvasive spinal cord stimulation setup for assessment of residual / altered functions for intervention planning and monitoring, neuromodulatory modification of spasticity and residual functions.

Peripheral Afferent Nerve Stimulation

Complementary option for neuromodulation of spasticity, movement augmentation and pain treatment.

Face and Larynx Applications

Applications after facial nerve and recurrent nerve lesion; maintenance of reinnervation targets, support of functional recovery.